Friday, August 26, 2011

I get so tired of being at odds with the world sometimes.

I am a libertarian, the rest of the world is liberal and so are most of my friends.  On the other side of the coin my state is very conservative, this includes all of my neighbors, my child's teacher, my husband's family, and the men in charge of the state I live in.  I wish I could be a liberal.  I wish I could put myself on one side or the other because I'm at odds with everyone I know.  I just believe what I think is logically right and no one I know ever feels the same, and in fact openly judge me.  The liberals treat me like a country bumpkin, and the conservatives like I'm Satan.   These people who have no higher education, have never been outside their state let alone their country,  have never hung out with any ethnic group but their own, don't read, drink and drive, and straight vote. It boggles my brain.  I have a friend that wants to make shots mandatory for children.  While I agree that shots are an amazing break through, I would never presume to tell other people how to raise their children.  Her argument is that shots save lives.  I couldn't agree more, but I'm so tired of people trying to push laws on us because they're good for us.  Laws should be to keep order in society, not to dictate morality and be our mother.  Why stop at shots, lets make breast feeding a law, that's good for you, lets take away pizza, booze, breast implants, bungee jumping and pixy sticks for anyone under 21.  I think circumcision is cruel and vain but I would never tell you what you can or can't with your child, and that's fine for you because you like circumcision, you only want laws made about things you disagree with.  Trampolines kill lots of kids every year, and fireworks, and high school football.  But you don't want those things taken away because you don't have a moral stance against them.  America is turning into that overprotective parent that doesn't let their kid have sleepovers because they could come back drug addicts.  Do we really think so little of ourselves as a nation that we need to be put in a virtual play pen?  I believe that if we teach people to think for themselves they'll make the right choices, and if they don't (to an extent) it's none of my business.  Think for yourselves!  Question authority!  Come on people, shouldn't we have the right to choose what happens to our own bodies and possessions and children?  Grrr