Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dear so & so...

I feel like I need one.

 Dear Fudd,
I am so so glad you're home, this week was hell without you.  I love you so so much.

Dear Peanut Butter,
You know my soul and I love you like a sister.  If we could both put the say something nice or don't say anything deal on when it comes to people you don't like, it would be great.  Also, you may have gotten me in trouble with the peeps and I wish you wouldn't have blabbed.

Dear Newbie,
I am so so happy to have you with us forever, I think my heart grew three sizes that day.

Dear Oldest,
You take on way to much and I wish you'd let yourself relax.  But man am I thankful I have you in my life.  Also, it seems like you're problems have a chance of working themselves out, just try to cut each other a break every once in a while.  Less thinking, more head.

Dear tweedle pretentious and tweedle egocentric,
Go fuck yourselves.  You started shit, but couldn't take it and I have no time for you're kind.  You are two of the most self centered, bitter, loud mouthed, gossipy, narcissistic hipsters I've ever met.  I will be avoiding you whenever possible from here on out.  Added benefit, now I won't have to spend hours listening to you talk about how awesome you are.

Dear partners in crime,
It was really great to chill with you, nice to know there are others who are like you and don't prescribe to the bs.  I hope something comes of it because I need different people and you are different people.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am happy because...

I am happy because my hair turned out really pretty, I'm finally finding my fashion niche after many years of wishing I had a style.

I am happy because my little girl is safely in a cast and I can breathe again.

I am happy because I have new crafty obsessions to kill my time.

I am happy because I have gotten good time with my children, husband and friends as of late.

I am happy because my depression meds have kicked in and so I don't really have a choice.

I am happy because I now have full legal custody of my niece!

I am happy because it is an absolutely beautiful day outside!

I am happy because the best man on Earth just returned home to me, no worse for wear.

I am happy that I have found a fun new culture to explore!

I am happy for good books, good food, good coffee, love, sleep, mt dew, accessories, and head.

Good stuff.

Friday, April 8, 2011

     Well, I'm in a slump again.  At least I know it.  I misplaced my pills (found em today in my bottom drawer), and haven't taken them in a month.  I just keep doing that and I am really irritated with myself.  I need a centralized location and some kind of alarm.  When I'm like this it feels like I'm just waiting for something stressful to happen so I can go crazy, and everything seems stressful.  Between preparing for a friend's wedding, having my brother accuse me of some awful things, and having someone telling facebook they were going to tackle and stab me (long story),  I had a nervous breakdown and locked myself in my room for a good chunk of time and cried in the dark.  Eventually K came by because she was worried and sat with me in the dark and cried along with me.  Finally she convinced me to come with her to her place, and treated me like the infant I was acting like until I was feeling a bit better.  I don't know what I would do without her, and to be honest I don't feel like I have earned the selflessness she shows me consistently.  Some people make the world a better place just by being themselves and K is one of them.
     These last few weeks have been so so stressful.  Thank goodness M&M are finally married, that took up a lot of time, energy, and money I didn't have.  I am really really happy or them though.
     Also baby girl fell down the stairs and busted the hell out of her arm.  She had to be taken up to children's primary for surgery.  Now she has to wait a week to be put in a cast because of the swelling, and I'm so so worried she won't make it that long.  Oh, did I mention that my husband is leaving tomorrow for a week and I'll have to figure all this shit out alone?  My pills won't start working again for a few more days.  God what I wouldn't do for a zanax or the money for head. :(